On the 28th April, I was asked to be involved in the digital recruitment fair known as Silicon Milkroundabout (yeah, strange name). Which is host in the Truman Brewery, London.

This was a chance to chat with interesting people, check out how other companies are trying to be innovative and bond further with my colleagues. I am happy to say I achieved all of those things and more, as I also learned how little people knew about Lush Digital in the tech space. This is changing, but being a global business, there is still more work to be done before people look at us about tech as they do about bath bombs!

Something that I really love about Lush Digital is that they are not afraid to challenge the status quo. Typically at a recruitment fair, you would expect only HR staff to represent the company. However, we had principal engineers and other experienced and talented representation across different software engineering disciplines and more taking part.

Lush Digital seeks out talented individuals, but I have learned that the company values someone who is personable, friendly, open-minded and adaptable above someone who can write perfect code. I agree with this philosophy – in my opinion, if your brain clicks with engineering, you can learn any programming language given time and a nurturing environment. However, you cannot teach someone personality traits, we aren’t all robots…yet!

The stand was colourful, smelled great and got lots of attention! People would come over curious, wondering why we had a bath bomb stand in the middle of a tech recruitment fair. This was deliberate. We wanted people to challenge us so that we could show off the Lush Lens found on the Lush Labs app.

The Lush Lens uses machine learning to detect a bath bomb when the user takes a photo of any bath bomb in the range. A short video is shown informing how to use the product, along with product information. We also demoed our till system, which was also built in house from scratch using the Android operating system.

Its safe to say that we created a buzz, made lots of great contacts and allowed us to flex what we can do in the digital space. In fact, there is another Silicon Milkrounabout coming up in November 2019, so we might end up going again as we found there was real value from participation.

This was a great experience for me to see another aspect of the digital life-cycle detailing how talent is found, filtered and progressed. I hope to continue learning about the varied areas of the digital sector as I really enjoyed being part of the day!

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