First of all, I would like to apologise for the huge delay in updating my blog! I have only just noticed that my last entry was in just over 2 months ago – time certainly flies by!

I have a lot of interesting news which I will share over the next week in a separate blog, as I want to keep the theme of the title – the code jam!

I literally had to read my previous blog regarding the code jam, to try to remind myself what I spoke about previously. I am pleased to say that the event was an overall success. There were lessons learned – one being, check the Eventbrite for duplicate names… a couple of students requested duplicate tickets by accident, which meant that after removing them, we had spaces available again. The problem with this was that we had ‘sold out’ of tickets for a few weeks, so getting the word out a couple of weeks before the event that there were now spaces was tough. Especially when most students were now in holiday mode, as they were about to finish the term!

On the day there were further dropouts as expected, but in total, we had around 17 students, which we were really happy with.

Once all the students were settled I gave a short presentation about the theme and introduced George Corney (our guest speaker) to the group and George gave a short presentation on what it means to be a Creative person in the tech industry. The presentation was brilliant for many reasons, but I really enjoyed the fact that he encouraged everyone to explore making something creative, without the need to necessarily write a single line of code!

All of the teams seemed a little nervous about the topic of Creative Programming, but once they gave it some thought, they were soon off with making their ideas come to life!

Now, in two days all teams made some pretty awesome software, demoing their creative flair! All these projects have since been uploaded to the Lush Digital GitHub repo, so you’re welcome to check them out!

Two teams were selected as winners – one team made a Game of Life simulation, with a twist, as bath bomb shaped items were used in the patterns created. The other winning team rendered a cool graphic that was inspired by the scent of a bath bomb selected by the user.

All of the students participating were given a cool certificate that I had made up, as well as a goody bag of products. Winners were given a Raspberry PI kit that was set up for internet of things (IOT) programming.

In addition to this, I selected 3 students – not necessarily winners of the code jam to come back to Lush Digital for a two-week placement. Ross Maguire, Joshua Mugglestone and Curtis Sams were selected as they showed all the traits needed to fit into the culture at Lush Digital as well as a great deal of technical ability.

They proved me right by creating some really awesome tech and it has been an absolute pleasure working with them. In fact, they did so well, that we extended their stay with us by 1 week. Fingers crossed we will be seeing more of them in future!

That’s about it for this entry – but I will make sure to update again soon with some other cool stuff that is going on! On a side-note, we are looking at hosting future code jams off the back of this one, but next time we are hoping to run the event from our London office!

When I get more information about future code jams, I will be sure to let you know! Thanks for reading!

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