Hello and welcome to my first post – I really appreciate you taking the time to read it! This blog will go into more detail of my journey as an intern at Lush Digital. This might be interesting if you are thinking of applying to Lush Digital or starting your own digital career. At a minimum, I hope its an interesting read for everyone of all ages and working backgrounds. I have been able to do a lot of cool stuff already, which I would like to share with you all!

I joined Lush on 11th February 2019.  I am one of eight digital interns (all pictured above) and one of two of the external interns. There were hundreds of applications as you would expect when applying to a company like Lush Digital – so I feel privileged to have made the cut! The internship lasts for one year and encourages us to explore many areas of the business. The internship interview process was very relaxed and focused more on your own personality and how you work with others. The only technical aspect of the process was giving a presentation on a tech innovation idea that we had come up with to solve an identified problem within the digital sector of business.

We didn’t have to wait long for feedback of the interview (around 1 week), so it was nice not having to feel anxious for too long!

So far I have worked mainly with the R&D team (I will talk about this in future blogs), but I hope to explore more areas of the business as the year progresses.

I was attracted to Lush Digital due to their desire to innovate within the digital sector of the business, as well as their strong code of ethics and beliefs.

Lush Digital is a fast-paced environment – something I have found out very early. During our first week, we were given a tour of all the Lush manufacturing units; as we are encouraged to understand how the whole business functions. I was really impressed with how Lush deals with a range of topical issues; from helping refugees to waste management. The list of social causes that Lush are involved in is very long, so if this interests you, please feel free to go to the Lush website to learn more!

Now that we had learned the basic mechanics of the business, it was time to get to work! Members of staff at Lush HQ were asked to complete a form, requesting interns for specific tasks. I put myself forward for various tasks which led me to take photos of products to help train the AI model for Lush’s relatively new app called Lush Lens, which can be found inside the Lush Labs app (only currently available on iOS).

Lush Lens was introduced to help reduce the amount of water waste during bomb demos. A customer can take a photo of a bath bomb and the image recognition software will identify the bath bomb allowing the user to see a short video demonstrating it in water.

This has been an interesting project to see behind the scenes, as the team responsible for it are pushing to improve the app and to also get it on Android as soon as possible.

One of the really cool things that came from helping with Lush Lens was that I got the chance to travel to Google HQ in London with the R&D team! Lush Digital is teaming up with Data Tonic, a company recommended by Google to aid with the custom model build and I was lucky to sit in on a meeting between all those involved in the project. I was really impressed by how straightforward the meeting was, usually, you would think a discussion about an AI model build would be hard to follow. However, the Lush R&D team came fully prepared to answer all questions and Google made the goals of the meeting very clear.

After getting a taste of R&D, it made me want to try and innovate myself within the business. I had an impromptu talk with one of the team members of the R&D team and from that, I was encouraged to look into Fluid Dynamics which I will discuss further in the next blog!

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts to “The Beginning

  • Suzy

    Fantastic 1st blog Olly! Love how engerised it is! Wishing you all the best on your Lush intern, you’ll be a superstar! Suzy 😊

    • Olly

      Thanks Suzy! I am going to be writing them regularly, so feel free to come back to stay up-to-date! 😀


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