I am a graduate from Bournemouth University (BU) working at Lush Digital. One of the reasons that I decided to get into the digital sector was due to constantly being on a learning curve. I enjoy the challenge of understanding new technologies and working with those that can help me to learn and improve.


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Areas of Interest

My main areas of interest includes the following:
User Experience can sometimes be overlooked. However, I find that it can be the factor in providing not only what the end user wants, but ultimately what they need.
App Development
I have built 2D mobile applications using Unity and Android Studio. I am continually looking to improve my skill-set by researching the latest techniques used within the industry.
Creative Programming
Although this paradigm of programming is incredibly new to me, I am having fun exploring some basic concepts. I hope to continue improving this skill over time.

Latest News

If you are interested reading about my projects in more detail, please feel free to read my blog!
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